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Hello, my name is Angela and I am your wholesale & brand consultant specialised in contemporary fashion.

Generally consultants tend to only advise on the best course of action to build your distribution, but I work differently. So I will call myself your 'hands on consultant', because I will do all that it takes to make your brand successful  within your market segment. From organsing your wholesale structure to building your international distribution via finding the right angle to make your collection stand out from the crowd. I have experience in working with both renowned and emerging brands in business development, account management & brand identity and I will be striving to exceed your expectations whatever the current size of your business.


1. Competence

My know-how has been built in over 10 years of work within the fashion wholesale industry in London, Milan and Paris.

2. Creativity

My diverse background in fashion, photography, visual communication and architecture allows me to have a unique creative approach to the challenge of building and norturing a brand's business.

3. Dedication

Dedication and committment are the necessary ingredients to bring tangible results to the table and build long standing partnerships. 

4. Passion

Passion is the salt of life. I love my job and I approach challenges with enthusiasm and positivity. To enjoy the ride is key to success.

Wholesale Longevity

Closing a sale is not an easy task, but to turn a sale into a long standing partnership is even harder. Many brands fall into the trap of assuming that a client will always buy again the next season and they find themselves surprised when this fails to happen. But the reality is that competition is so fierce nowadays and the only way to turn a single sale into a successful business partnership is to provide clients with after sale on-going support, communication, pro-activity, creative solutions to problems and best in class customer service, which is my way to go approach. This way of thinking is key to reach optimal sell through leading to happy clients and long-term partnerships.